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If youve recently lost a close family member or friend, the last thing on your mind will be getting quotes in for Probate with regard to handling the estate administration. We can help you with this and provide a fixed price quotation (without obligation to proceed) based on our understanding of the clients affairs.

Being an executor isnt easy, and as a lay individual facing the job, you are personally liable for the deceaseds obligations. So you may prefer to appoint a professional who will have more expertise in place to deal with the estate and will be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance just in case something did go wrong. Heres what the job actually entails, in brief:

  • Ensure the wishes of the deceased are carried out
  • Identify all the assets and liabilities, and claims against the estate
  • Value all the assets whether solely or jointly owned
  • Properly manage the funds and assets of the estate, including any business interests
  • Prepare the HMRC tax returns; inheritance tax, capital gains and income tax
  • Obtain tax clearances before you start to distribute the estate
  • Settle all estate debts and taxes, this responsibility can last for up to 6 years
  • Submit and file the relevant court forms
  • Apply for probate and attend an interview at the probate registry court
  • Prepare estate accounts for the beneficiaries and distribute the estate

As you can see, there is often a significant amount of paperwork that needs to be completed, not to mention liaising with various third parties and calculating the tax that is payable on the estate. Some clients choose to undertake the estate administration themselves but others prefer to appoint a specialist firm to do the hard work for them.

We recommend and work with Kings Court Trust, one of the UKs leading estate administration specialists. They have helped over 7,000 families deal with the estates of their loved ones, offering a range of services to reduce the stress and work involved.

You can find more details about probate and Kings Court Trust on our Probate page here.

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