Safe document storage

  • One day your Will is going to be needed so keep it safe, well out of harms way
  • We use a storage facility specifically set up for long term preservation of paper
  • Get National Will registration, for FREE
  • We currently offer FREE updates to your Will whilst you continue to store with us

Passing on your estate is likely to be the biggest transaction you’ll ever do, so safe custody of your Will(s) and other important legal documents should therefore be a top priority.

We recommend you store your important documents with us for safe keeping, removing the chance of them being lost, damaged or destroyed.

If you store your own Will(s) at home, can you imagine this…

  • After death the Will cannot be found, or if it is, it is either been damaged or may have been altered by its owner rendering it useless and consigning it to the bin.
  • The first person to find your Will is usually a beneficiary who may not pass it on to Probate because they disagree with its contents!
  • A local solicitor may even hold an old copy of an earlier Will, and this may be submitted to Probate if your family is blissfully unaware that a more recent Will exists.
  • Many years may pass between the making of your Will and death, thereby increasing the likelihood of the original being lost or destroyed.
  • Don’t risk it being damaged/destroyed by fire or flood by keeping it at home.
  • If your Will is held in a bank safety deposit box, only you have access to it, so if you have just passed away how can it be released to the executor when only the Will itself names the executor…

We keep our client’s documents at our partner Kings Court Trust’s professional storage facility near Corsham in Wiltshire. This was originally designed as a secure underground Cold War bunker for use in times of war, now converted to a state of the art document storage facility, meeting ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management standards, and the BSI PD 5454 standard for preservation of archived materials.

We are mandated to register where we store our client’s Wills with the Institute of Professional Willwriters ( for your future reassurance for a small annual fee.

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to ask us.

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Top 10 reasons to get a Will

  1. You decide how your estate will be distributed
  2. You decide who will take care of your minor children
  3. Helps to avoid a lengthy probate process
  4. Minimise estate taxes
  5. You decide who will wind up the affairs of you estate
  6. You can disinherit individuals who would otherwise stand to inherit
  7. Make gifts and donations to friends, family & charity
  8. Avoid greater legal challenges
  9. Because you can change your mind if life circumstances change
  10. Because tomorrow is not promised

What Our Clients say

We have been using Will Planning Solutions for the last 8 years. Rob has always been professional and approachable and has helped is to update our Wills when circumstances have changed. Highly recommended Rob who is a pleasure to deal with.

Janet Wykes

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Will Planning Solutions Will Writing | Family Protection Trust | Probate | Living Wills | Lasting Power of Attorney | Guardianship | Prepaid Funeral Plans

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