lasting power of attorney

General Powers of Attorney

General Powers of Attorney What Our Clients say Rob AbellWills & Estate PlanningACMA FIPW STEP Affiliate Services: Professional Will Writing Free Will Reviews Online Will Writing Executors & Trustees Guardianship Excluding Someone From Your Will Intestacy Safe Document Storage Inheritance…
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Probate Dealing with the administration of an estate single-handedly can be overwhelming for some, particularly when overcoming the grief of losing someone close. Probate or Estate Administration is dealing with all of the deceased’s affairs From Self-assessment tax returns, selling…
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Trusts A trust is a legal entity that can own and protect assets for the appointed beneficiaries Everyone should have a trust to safeguard ‘the family money’ Trusts are taxed at different rates, so getting advice is a must A…
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court of protection deputyship

Court of Protection Deputyship

Court of Protection Deputyship Applying for deputyship is complicated It takes ages and is very expensive Gives you limited powers You may have to make more than one application Applying to be a Deputy of the Court of Protection when…
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lasting power of attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney

Later Life Whatever your later life planning needs, I am sure we will be able to either help you directly or guide you to business partners that work in niche areas whether it be of a financial or legal perspective.…
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tenants in common

Tenants in Common, and Will Trusts

Tenants in Common, and Will Trusts You can protect the half of the house of who dies first It works but leaves the survivor’s share exposed if he/she goes into care Providing a life interest can benefit your cohabiting partner,…
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Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Trust

Section 89 Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Trust

Section 89 Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Trust A Trust will ensure future entitlement to State Benefits is maintained Straightforward Discretionary Trust or a special section 89 Trust for the Disabled? Your circumstances will need weighing up carefully, good advice is key Get…
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Power of Attorney

Family Asset Protection Trusts

Family Asset Protection Trusts Lock away your biggest assets in trust for your family’s future benefit Enjoy the benefits and protection they provide There is no better way to look after your family Trusts are there for everyone’s benefit, not…
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safe document storage

Safe Document Storage

Safe document storage One day your Will is going to be needed so keep it safe, well out of harms way We use a storage facility specifically set up for long term preservation of paper Get National Will registration, for…
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Wills - guardianship


Guardianship Choose who will take care of your children when you cannot Be pragmatic and consider the views of your children Your Guardians will need to get on well with the Executors and Trustees Have you considered appointing reserve guardians,…
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