Use an IPW full member to write your Will

Use an IPW full member to write your Will …


There are, and always have been, concerns about unregulated legal services, Will-writing in particular which is why you should always choose someone trained, qualified and experienced in the sector, whether a solicitor or Will-writer is up to you. If it’s the latter you can be assured that every (yes, every) full IPW member wants to run a respected, trustworthy  business, we all choose to be self-regulated and have everything in place to do so. We, as businesses are ‘compliance checked’ against the IPW Code of Practice which in turn is  approved by the CTSI.

What are  all theses acronyms?

IPW is the Institute of Professional Willwriters,

CTSI is the Chartered Trading Standards Institute,

and here’s our Code of Practice,

And, Will Planning Solutions Ltd also complies with the STEP Code of Practice

STEP is the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners,

No more acronyms! But I hope that’s helpful to you. Good luck with whomever you choose to write yours.


Will Planning Solutions – Professional Will-writing Made Easy

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