high net worth

High Net Worth

High Net Worth Bespoke service for estates over £2 million Get expert tax advice and inheritance planning Knowing where to go without being ripped-off is where we can help you Whether you have earned your wealth, inherited it or been…
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deeds of variation

Deed of Variation

Deed of Variation Within 2 years of the date of death a Will can be varied An extremely useful Inheritance Tax tool A deed of variation (DoV) changes a Will after death and enables the beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate…
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tenants in common

Tenants in Common, and Will Trusts

Tenants in Common, and Will Trusts You can protect the half of the house of who dies first It works but leaves the survivor’s share exposed if he/she goes into care Providing a life interest can benefit your cohabiting partner,…
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protecting your foreign assets

Foreign Assets

Protecting Your Foreign Assets Does your Will deal with your assets overseas? Get specialist help to make sure your Wills in each country work with each other Wherever you have bought property overseas, we can help as we have access…
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Business Assets

Protecting Your Business Assets Does your business need to go in your Will? Protect its value post death for you family & employees Maintain reliefs from Inheritance Tax for your business Ensure that your spouse gets what it is worth…
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Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Trust

Section 89 Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Trust

Section 89 Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Trust A Trust will ensure future entitlement to State Benefits is maintained Straightforward Discretionary Trust or a special section 89 Trust for the Disabled? Your circumstances will need weighing up carefully, good advice is key Get…
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Power of Attorney

Family Asset Protection Trusts

Family Asset Protection Trusts Lock away your biggest assets in trust for your family’s future benefit Enjoy the benefits and protection they provide There is no better way to look after your family Trusts are there for everyone’s benefit, not…
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incapacity planning


Incapacity Stroke, Heart-attack, Car crash or simply getting older incapacity can happen at any time There’s no time like the present to set up your Power of Attorney documents So what to do at the onset of Incapacity Imagine not…
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inheritance tax planning

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax You can plan your way out of it Use what tools the Government has given you Record and document everything, your Executors may need it one day Inheritance Tax (IHT) could cost your loved ones dearly when you…
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inheritance planning

Inheritance Planning

Inheritance Planning Have you considered how to pass on your estate from every angle? Get advice relevant to your circumstances Put a plan together and know it will work Have you missed out a vital part of your planning What…
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