Are you hAPPy about your Will ?

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Yes you can get your Will done online, there are APPs about that will take you through a series of crafted questions and the answers are used to populate a simple template to produce a Will, but will you really be hAPPy with it?

What if you dont fully understand the significance of a question? Even if you have a good command of the English language, if the questions are even in the remotest of legalease it is going to cause you problems answering, and probably to just save a few quid. You cant ask an APP to check your logic, so the result will cast a shadow of doubt in your mind about its suitability.

Frankly, there is no substitute for engaging an experienced Will-writer. The scope of questioning is designed to understand you, your estate, raise awareness of inheritance tax, check your Domicile status and these are just some of the fundamentals. How is an APP going to check your last Will? Even a very basic Will should incorporate some trustee powers that will come into play if a trust is set up by your Will for minor beneficiaries, do you know what to include or exclude? I’m just scratching the surface here..

Attendance notes, checking the identity and testamentary capacity of the individual that wants the Will, who was present, how did it go, what was highlighted, the list goes on…

All I am saying is ‘buyer beware’ and please dont forget that one day your Will is going to pass on everything you own, so you do need to be confident that it will work, just saying…

If you’re now concerned having thought about it, good, I am glad to have cast some doubt.

We have an excellent local reputation and would be delighted to help you so why not contact us now? Thanks for reading by the way.

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