Are you failing to navigate the care system for an elderly relative?

As a Professional Willwriter and Inheritance Planner, I draw up Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney documents and assist with other aspects of planning what will happen to a person and their estate either due to illness or death.

In doing this, I get to know my clients and their families well. This means that there are times when sadly, due to ill health, the family will contact me to ask if I am able to advise them on the complex system of health and social care for older people that exists in this country. 

This is where Joanne at Sunrise Care Advisers is able to offer valuable support to my clients.

I know that it is not easy to find high quality care either at home or in a residential setting or to understand the various funding options that may be available.

I also know that I can trust Sunrise Care Advisers to provide excellent, independent advice in an honest and compassionate way to my clients and have no hesitation in referring my clients to her and her team. 

Need help or advice?

Contact us at Will Planning Solutions or go directly to Sunrise Care Advisers at any of the following: Website or Linked-in or Twitter

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