So how will the new Care Act 2014 work for you?

The new Care Act 2014 has arrived, it is now law and replaces the old CRAG rules (Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide) and there seems to be more than speculation that Local Authorities have not been trained in its implementation. That’s worrying in itself but what does the new Act mean for you?

The easiest option is to take a look at the BBCs own online tool to see what your local council will pay should the worst happened to you. You will get an indication of how much you could spend before reaching the care cost cap of 72,000. It shocked me so do spend 5 minutes and check this out..

With the whole social care system coming under more scrutiny these days, with shrinking Council budgets and with us all living longer, how much longer will the system cope?If you haven’t looked into what you can do about this, don’t you think you should? This is where we can help, what have you got to lose? (apart from your house and savings that is, I’m sorry about that).

We have just been through the whole process with a close family member under the old rules and attained maximum local authority funding so it is an issue close to us. Fortunately for us as a family, the right plans were put in place early on withmaximum protection of the estate. If you want to do the same simplycontact us here for more information.

We’re happy to help without it breaking your bank account.


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