The Care Act

Do you recollect hearing something in the news about the Care Act?

Well from April 2015 care and support in the community has supposedly changed for the better, or has it?

Yes there is now a nationwide standard, however not all Local Authorities came on-board exactly when they should have done; there is still some disparity because of the huge education and training curve they all have to go through.

Care and support means helping some adults to live as well as possible (with illness or disability) and includes all sorts of every day-to-day tasks, such as washing, dressing, eating and getting out and about. So there is a health and welfare angle on the provision of care and support.

Help does come at a cost though, and even though in the Conservative Party manifesto they agreed to introduce the lifetime cap of 72,000 it now seems likely they will renege on it simply because the Country cannot afford it. Keep aneye on the news forthis.

The Deferred Payment Scheme seems to have had a lot of press coverage, and whilst these have been available for years, Councils are now obliged to offer this out to all home owning care users with assets above the 23,250 level.

Most care users will pay something towards the help they receive, and it is the Local Authority who will make the charge. The question is how much will you pay? And have you taken advice to make sure you are paying the right amount? Is there in fact anything youcan you do about it? If you would like some advice in this area from us please contact us here.

With an ageing population, the problem will affect us all. In fact it is affecting us all, and those of us who have put the right plans in place can safeguard an inheritance for their loved ones.

Why not get in touch with us and find out what your options are?

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