The cost of dying goes through the roof

New Probate fees from 1st May 2017

It has taken a year for the Governments consultation process to approve an increase in the costs of obtaining a Grant of Probate. The relatively cheap fixed fee is out in favour of a new-tiered fee system based on the value of the deceaseds estate, so :

  • at less than 50.000   –   No probate fee
  • at 50,000-300,000   –   300 probate fee
  • at 300,000-500,000   –   1,000 probate fee
  • at 500,000-1m   –  4,000 probate fee
  • at 1m-1.6m   –   8,000 probate fee
  • at 1.6m-2m   –   12,000 probate fee
  • at more than 2m   –   20,000 probate fee

Will Planning Solutions ‘fixed fee’ probate service

There has been a lot of strong opposition to the plans but it has made no difference.

Probate (or Estate Administration by its common name)

is rarely straightforward and not for the feint-hearted. If you would like help following the death of someone close, simply get in touch and we will help guide you through, contact us here.


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