The dangers of DIY Wills, again…

I am sure that pretty much everyone knows some of the pitfalls of doing a DIY?Will. The Press and Internet are littered with examples, you could always take a look at the Observer’s latest, click here to read it.

As always the Press never quite go far enough in terms of explaining where you can (or should consider going) for a Rolls-Royce service without paying Ferrari prices. The Observer article simply says go to a regulated Solicitor, or there are others you can use… what others? Well in my book, the best alternative is a full member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) as we are all recommended and approved by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) under their Consumer Codes Approval Scheme.

What do you get from an IPW member?

A trained and qualified (by exam/role plays) professional who works to a strict Code of Practice (the Code) and is covered by ?2M of Professional Indemnity Insurance. We will generally see you at a date/time to suit you, at home or work, day or evening, and take you through an advice and options process in plain English, so you understand everything. Our fees are typically mid market such that you are paying for an excellent service at a fair?price.

Now you know a little bit more ?you can make an informed decision… so if you would like to chat to us simply contact us with a convenient date/time to ring you and we will do our best to get in touch then, or you could just try us now on 0800 083 1374.

You won’t need ‘good luck’ if you choose to talk to us!

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