He died the night before signing his Will

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His estate was left to the little know laws of Intestacy

Legal, emotional and financial turmoil followed

Bank accounts frozen, cards unusable, cash inaccessible leading to bills unpaid

Normal life ceases

A hard lesson to learn and accept

I simply left such matters to him to arrange when we both married for the second time in our lives

We did not know it would automatically cancel our Wills

We had occasionally thought about our Wills before a car journey or getting on a plane

His best-laid plans were in ruins and so was I

It is far more expensive NOT to write a Will

The longer it takes to unravel the estate, the unpaid bills continue to grow

We let an abyss open up by neglecting to take care of our affairs

My relationship with some of the family has been irreparably damaged

This is not how it was meant to be

So make a Will, sign it, otherwise what will happen is what happened to me.

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