Will-writing FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

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Will-writing FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yep we have some of those on the website…  It’s not a great surprise that there’s a common theme where Will writing is concerned.

Having said that, when I get inquiries, everyone has a story to tell which is extremely helpful in terms of me working out in my own mind what solutions I should recommend because inheritance planning covers the complete range from minimal estates to those with an inheritance tax liability. Everyone knows what they want to happen (or not happen!) and usually have a reasonable understanding of how they think their Will should be put together. The skill in Will-writing is asking the right questions back, bringing in real life experience, explaining the reasons why you’ve made a recommendation and checking the logic is sound. It is not really a profession for the youngster, in my opinion, although as I get older, I’ve noticed more and more colleagues are falling into the youngster category!

Anyway, if you’ve got 5 minutes why don’t you have a quick look at the FAQs on our website, here

There are also links within some of the answers as well, and the website tries really hard to explain things in a straightforward easy to read way. If you haven’t been there, why not have a look, here

Got a question? Difficult or simple? Why not use our contact form, or just pick up the phone and ask away? We don’t put you on the clock and charge you by the minute like some I could mention.

Happy to help. No pressure guaranteed.

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