Finally an official guidance for Attorneys

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) which is a division of the Court of Protection have got round to issuing two guides, one for Property & Financial Affairs Attorneys and one for Health an Welfare Attorneys.

There have been no official guides available since the introduction of the 2007 Mental Capacity Act so they are long overdue.

Are they any good?They are rather brief, but I imagine thatif they were many more pages, potential Attorneys may switch off and not bother reading them at all.

What do they do?They tell you whats involved in being an Attorney, thats simple and straight forward! As an Attorney you are encouraged to find out more about the person you are to act for, and how you should help them to make decisions, there are of course legal responsibilities like keeping records of decisions you have made, and how best to deal with other people, companies and various bodies that are involved with the person you are to act for.

They are worth printing and reading, and can be downloaded here:

Property & financial affairs

Health & welfare

If you would like to know more about Lasting Power of Attorney documents or need help setting them up please contact us here.

The OPG will send you the forms and guidance notes on how to complete them yourself, but when you receive the envelope and see how much paper is involved, you may very well change your mind.

In my view, we under charge for setting up LPAs compared to most other companies, why do we do this? To encourage you to use us without it breaking the bank, and to be quite honest, we still make money at it so why bother looking elsewhere

Happy to help:)

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