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Having reached 50 plus myself, I am quite well aware that my parents are getting on a bit too. We all read articles about Care Homes on a regular basis because there is always something topical for ?the press? to report on and this makes me wonder when the time will come that my parents will need specialist help.

We all want the best for our parents, so how do you actually go about finding the right care home? Wherever you drive it seems, there are care homes springing up everywhere. It is big business and there?s no doubt that in a lot of cases the fees you pay will be lining someone?s pocket, whether it be the shareholders or directors, there is it seems easy money to be made.

There are of course Professional Care Consultants out there who can help, much in the same way as there are professionals who can help advise/manage ?the family money? and deal with the legal aspects.

Why do I recommend using a professional? Well in 2012 the Winterbourne View scandal revealed that nearly 50% of homes failed to meet the minimum standards you should expect. You will also be aware of the latest issue surrounding abuse in care homes and unfortunately this seems to be on the increase.

An individual?s care needs will vary widely, it is important therefore to investigate if they can be catered for so it is worth ringing around before you go and have a look to make a short list. Check out their facilities and care processes because they will vary and you will need to consider what it is you are looking for. When you visit, keep an eye out for others visiting their loved ones and ask them their opinions. In the majority of cases when you are shown around, it will be at a fairly quiet time when the staff are less busy so you won?t necessarily get to see them in action, so why not ask to stay and see what happens at lunchtime or teatime?

Using a care professional is a good option that will save you time (and money) because they?ll know what signs to look out for. You wouldn?t buy a house without a surveyor?s report, and with a care home placement this is equally as important. If this interests you please get in touch and we will be delighted to put you in touch with someone soon.

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