Should I get a Lasting Power of Attorney in place?


Everyone should get a Lasting Power of Attorney in place. It means that you choose who will manage things if you can’t do it yourself. You don’t have to be old to do this. In fact quite the opposite because of the many accidents that happen every day. Do you remember Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident? Nobody thought it would happen to him, particularly as it wasn’t motor racing. Isn’t it always a shock when someone tells you about a real life tragedy, a car or motorbike cimagesrash for instance…

What will you do?

As expected, despite telling so many people about the importance of Lasting Power of Attorney documents, very few will actually do anything about it. It is human nature to think that it is never going to happen to me.

A Powerful Message

Watch this short BBC The One Show video to hear how the law actually clamps down on an individuals assets when tragedy strikes. Yes it is done for good reason, but no it isn’t helpful for those managing the aftermath of an accident. Real life situations demand robust solutions, Lasting Power of Attorney is as simple as you choosing who you trust to act for you, come on, why not make a short list now…

Some detail

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney, the ‘Property & Financial Affairs’ LPA is the obvious one, you choose who will manage your finances, that’s an obvious concern for us all, the money is important. The other LPA is aboutyour ‘Health & Welfare’ and your attorneys canonly act if you cannot communicate at all. Just because you have LPAs in place does not mean you lose control.. you don’t, there are safeguards. You can specify restrictions and conditions, you can give guidance to your attorney’s and you can choose how they are to act on your behalf. LPAs are more complicated to understand and set up than most of us may realise… the same also applies to Will writing – in other words you need an expert to advise you according to your circumstances, of course we can help.

Come and talk to us about setting up yours, contact us here, we don’t charge solicitor prices, we will give you excellent advice and a personal service too, and tell you what to do with your LPAs when they are set up. You can trust us, click here to find out why we are different to the rest.

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