Had a bad family experience?


Had a bad family experience?

It’s a sad but true fact that a lot of clients are only sparked into action to get their Wills done on the back of things going terribly wrong when someone close has died. No one wants this. The hassle and stress of time delays, chasing the solicitors doing the probate, unquantifiable costs – and all at a time when you’re trying to grieve for your loss.

Whether there is no Will in place, or an old one that really isn’t suitable or fair, the consequences leave a dirty mark on everyone’s minds and often ruin or destroy family relationships. I’m sure you’ll have come across this yourself?

So the question is, do you have a suitable inheritance plan, or is yours lacking?

In a recent case, a couple had old Wills and always intended to update them but never did. When their first grandchild came along, they set up a money legacy of £20,000 for him, then the second one arrived & they left £10,000 for that one. Seven more arrived but they hadn’t made any specific provisions for them. This is how it got left. How fair is that?

Whether it is changes to the family members, relationships or money problems, your Wills can and need to be adapted to keep pace.

Your Will is going to need servicing if you get married or divorced, you begin cohabiting and want to make provision for your partner, what if you take-on stepchildren, suddenly become responsible for a dependent or vulnerable person. Now you’re getting my point?

No Will or the wrong Will are pretty much as bad as each other. You don’t have to use us if you don’t want to, but you can always ring to chat things through or get some straightforward advice and decide from there.

Will you get around to your Will this year? I hope so…

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