How to get a will done – well we’ve only gone and blooming done it!

Call us now on 0800 083 1374How to get a will done, well yes okay, I have actually done my Will, but that’s not what it’s about… read on

Good news, the total is now in, and we raised 103,152 GBP pounds, a fantastic achievement by everyone.

How to get a will done

In front of Milan cathedral on 9th September 2015

Rob Abell, owner of Will Planning Solutions Ltd. took part in the big idea that HOPE Against Cancer had to take 60 cyclists, support riders and a support team across the Alps through France, Switzerland and Italy to raise money for this fantastic local charity,

Well we did it on all fronts, the aim was to raise funds with a view of making a huge difference to peoples lives.

Months and months of planning and organising, hard training throughout 2015 and when it mattered, coming together as a team in September 2015 to achieve this marvelous feat.

When it comes to events or trips of this magnitude, it is easy to understand the logic of making sure your ‘affairs’ are in order, in other words, getting a Will in place for starters! A lot of us leave it too late to get a Will in place, but how late is too late? In our view it is never too early and putting a Will in place when the pressure is off is always going to be the best option. Quite often a client will get a basic Will in place before a big trip, and go back to the drawing board when (or if!) they come back.

How to get a will done

Rob Abell has seen plenty of clients like this, whether it is brought on by a business trip, a big adventure like this or just a regular family holiday. Oh yes, what if the plane does crash and we all go? who is going to get the estate then? Well without a Will in place, the law of Intestacy and a set of default rules come into play. If only I had a pound for every time a client said “well I don’t want him/her to get anything!” In that case, get your Will done! Simples…

We can turn around getting a Will in place for you very quickly, so get in touch here.


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