Inheritance Tax for Landlords

What can you do about Inheritance Tax if you are a landlord?

One thing landlords often overlook in building up their portfolio is Inheritance Tax. Every year approximately 4 billion is paid in inheritance tax and a large chunk of that comes from property.

Solve your Inheritance Tax liability…

Inheritance Tax is probably the most unfair tax there is as it is effectively double taxation, taxing assets that have already been taxed during a persons lifetime at 40% on death. 
There are some reliefs and exemptions against Inheritance Tax, however unfortunately, but perhaps not unsurprisingly, none of them apply to rental properties.
Can anything be done about it? In short yes, in most cases it is possible to restructure your property portfolio to protect it for your children from Inheritance Tax, perhaps using a company, a trust, or a partnership. Sensible Inheritance Tax planning is essential to enable you to pass on your hard earned property portfolio to your children without them having to sell properties simply to pay off the tax man.
We work with a specialist firm of chartered tax advisers who would be delighted to meet with you on a no obligations basis if you would like to explore your options further. To find out more please contact Rob Abell at Will Planning Solutions Ltd. on T 0116 2784862, or contact us here.

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