It’s a simple NO to regulation of Will-writing then…


The dust has now had time to settle following the Lord Chancellor?s decision to reject the call to regulate the will-writing sector. It took Chris Grayling the full 90 days to consider the implications and he then turn it down, saying that although the evidence clearly demonstrates that things do go wrong, regulation isn?t the only answer to solve the problem. The general public should instead rely on their own instincts and where possible look out for independent endorsements of voluntary regulation and strict codes of practice.

The IPW, Institute of Professional Willwriters? have had such backing for a couple of years now. The Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) badge was created by the Office of Fair Trading but is now managed by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) – this is basically a self-regulatory framework policed to strict standards set and approved by the TSI.

Funnily enough solicitors do not have this type of accreditation and are now hurriedly putting one together (good luck with that!) and it will be called something like the Quality Willwriting Scheme (QWS) that will be awarded to firms rather than individual solicitors (not sure about that?). Work out for yourself which route you would prefer to go down.

Of course the Legal Services Board (LSB) who submitted the call for regulation, did so having?compiled a lot of evidence that showed ?consumer detriment?. Now there is to be no regulation, all of those unqualified, unethical and uninsured Willwriters out there can carry on, business as usual, leaving consumers without anywhere to go for recourse when something goes wrong.

So many organisations (too many to mention here!) have voiced their opinions about this decision in the press and on forums, and it is clear to me, the IPW and many others that it IS the wrong answer. Tightening things up would have been good for consumers and despite rumours that it might have added marginally to the cost of writing a Will, I think it would have levelled the playing field on price because using an independent Willwriter is usually a lot less money than going to a solicitor.

Having said all that, you need look no further than Will Planning Solutions because we are part of that TSI approved code, we have Professional Indemnity Insurance and we are trained and qualified to do what we do. We have many testimonials, on paper and online for you to see, so if you would like some free advice about drawing up your Will, and taking on board our recommendations to help you protect your estate for your family?s future benefit, please get in touch now.

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