Keeping your Will at home may not be your best option

Keeping your Will at home may not be your best option, particularly if you put it somewhere so safe, nobody except you actually knows where it is! Would you believe my own mother-in-law did just this… I have also come across clients taping documents to the underside of a draw, and even inside a painting!!

If it is lost or damaged through fire or flood, your estate could then pass according to the default, the Law of Intestacy. Come to think of it, if were talking about having lost your last Will, but the one before it is found at a local solicitors office, it will probably be used instead, again not what you had actually planned to happen.

What if a beneficiary found your Will and disagreed with its contents. If they destroyed it without a second thought, the chances are they would get away with the crime and probably inherit more from you as a result.

Why not store everything with us?

You can store your Will and any other important legal documents like Lasting Power of Attorney, Property deeds, Trusts, Whole of Life Assurance Policies, Funeral Plans. Whether you are single or a couple the cost for an account is the same, we charge 35 pa by Direct Debit.

Where will we keep your documents?

We use a fully insured, professional facility guaranteed against flood and fire damage. It was originally designed as a secure underground bunker for use in times of war. It is fully air-conditioned and humidity controlled. Everything is barcoded on entry and helps with future retrieval. It is a fully secure facility monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day and meets ISO 9001, ISO 14001 quality standards and meets BSI PD 5454 standard for the preservation of archived materials.

Your Will is going to be needed some day, so make sure it is stored safely, if you would like us to help, please contact us now.




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