Will-writing month of May at LOROS hospice – make a Will

Make a Will with LOROS

We have again been a part of the fund raising efforts at LOROS earlier this year and are delighted to have raised the healthy sum of 550, on top of this, everyone that came to us filled in the ‘gift aid’ section which means the Government has added a further 25% gift aid on top of this… marvellous!

The scheme has been going for five years now, and those wishing to make a Will, can do so and write out a cheque to Loros, and/or include a money legacy in their Will. Bear in mind that anything more than just a simple straightforward Will would be an additional charge, however many people we see only want or need a basic Will.

Whatever your family circumstances, the important factor is to get advice. Life is complicated these days and our key strength as a business, is to get to know you well, then we can recommend the right type of Will for you. it is all about understanding your family dynamic, the value of your estate (thinking about inheritance tax…) and giving you a choice. We are quite laid back and enjoy what we do, so if this appeals to you, why not get in touch and ask us to help. 

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For your information, Will Planning Solutions maintains strong links with local charities, they are Hope Against Cancer, Bamboozle Theatre Company, Alex’s Wish & LOROS 

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Hope Against Cancer is my charity for 2017 and on 16-19 September I am cycling 300+ miles with 50 other riders from Leicester – Buxton – Stockport – Sheffield – Leicester to raise 1,000 and if you would like to help me, you can donate here thank you.


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