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Making a Will at home in Leicester. If you have never got round to getting your Will written, don’t despair or worry anymore because we have the answer, we will come to you and if you are out at work (or bowling) in the daytime, after work is fine by us – the cost is exactly the same.


We have a scale of fixed fees, so you only pay for what you need. How much will it cost you to makeyour Will at home? The answer is that I really don’t know until we have spoken! Sometimes clients don’t realise they have a problem until it is pointed out to them, so it really is a case of getting to know you in order to recommend the right type of Will to solve your family problem (if you have one that is). Why not ask us to ring you for a chat, then we can give you a better indication of cost.

Here are some good reasons to reinforce why you should have a Will:

  • Prevent the wrong people (in your eyes) from benefiting through the Law of Intestacy
  • Your spouse/civil partner may not inherit ALL of your estate, and common law partners are unlikely to get anything at all
  • Children under 18 could be taken into care if you have not appointed legal Guardians
  • Choose someone you personally trust to act as your Executors and Trustees
  • Set out your funeral wishes, no matter how straight forward or unusual they may be!
  • You decide who should receive particular items that have a sentimental value, rather than all of your personal possessions being treated the same way
  • Give to friends and charities or other organisations that mean something to you
  • Ensure adequate provision for those financially dependent on you
  • Prevent disputes within the family by making your wishes clear
  • Minimise tax liabilities after your death in certain circumstances
  • Make special provisions for children who may have health, matrimonial or financial problems, and ensure that the wrong people do not get their hands on your money

Important points:

  • If you marry or enter into a civil partnership after making a Will, the Will is automatically revoked (cancelled) unless the Will expressly states otherwise.
  • If you get divorced after making a Will, the Will remains valid but any gifts or appointment of your former spouse will fail.

Most of us would find it awkward and inconvenient to visit a solicitor in his office so why not simply ask us round, we provide a personal service in your own home when it suits you, at no extra cost, and we dont charge Vat either, perfect. Contact Us here.

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