New Year.. New Year Resolution.. New Will?

Making a Will (or updating your old one) must be fairly close to the top of most of our New Year Resolution lists; even more so when there have been problems in the family over the holiday period.

What’s on your 2018 list?

I have had quite few urgent calls from clients needing help, whether it be a sudden death and what to do next, an elderly relative coming out of hospital and the family trying to deal with Social Services about care packages, and so on.

It almost seems worse over the holiday period because it is in family time.

Whilst I cant solve every problem that comes my way, Im not superman (just in case you were wondering), I can generally help put the client in touch with the right professional expertise if I am not the right person to deal with it.

Great customer service, getting advice from someone you can trust is priceless and if you can do this without getting ripped off, so much the better. This is where we are at …

If you can save time and therefore cost by simply talking to the right person first time around, it will help keep your stress levels down let alone get the issue dealt with quickly.

If you need help with your Will, setting up Lasting Power of Attorney or using Trusts to protect your familys money, then please get in touch, you wont be disappointed. Happy New Year to you all.

New Year, New Will? Contact us here.


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