New Year’s resolutions DO work!


New Year’s resolutions DO work!

Whether you intend to learn a new skill or hobby, stop smoking, drink less (alcohol presumably?), spend less and save more, do some exercise, get a new job – it’s not surprising that most never happen.

Looking at the money aspect, getting a Will in place will make sure what you want to pass-on actually goes to the beneficiaries you want. A Will deals with everything you own so it has to be classed as important. How much longer will you delay and ‘put it off’? Is it in your top 5? If not, I’d say that it should be..

Will-writing is straightforward if you know what you’re doing, it is more complicated than most of us realise and you should definitely get advice and recommendations from whoever you chose to write your Will.

We would (of course) be delighted to help you with yours, Contact-Us and book an appointment today.

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