Will you avoid ‘excessive’ probate fees when you are appointed as an Executor?

Avoiding ‘excessive’ probate feescan be a challenge when the pressure is on you as an Executor of a Will to sort the deceased’s estate out. Most of us will simply turn to a High Street Solicitor for help particularly when time is short. If you are not too bothered about the cost or how long it is likely to take, you may as well just carry on with it. If on the other hand you would like a fixed cost quote, based solely on what has to be done, and you want to track progress of the case online,contact us, it is what we do.

As an extreme example, (in most cases it won’t be as bad as this) there was a case recently where the solicitor overchargedto handle a relatively straightforward Probate case. The family quite rightly contested the 54,000 fee and the High Court Judge reduced the fee down to 8,000 on a 159,000 valued estate. In my view this is still far too much, I would have arranged for the work to be done for less than half this figure, which still goes to show that most people haven’t a clue what they should pay.

Probate-CartoonMost solicitor’s fees will be significantly higher than you will need to pay, and without any prior knowledge of the firm or testimonials to rely on, you could easily be overcharged.

Probate, or Estate Administration by its correct name is more complicated than most of us realise and it is an archaic process too. The law baffles most lay-Executors or family members and even those who ‘have a go’ frequently get in a mess, so it can’t hurt to find out from us what it would cost to delegate the burden, what have you got to lose?

So if you’re looking for a reliable company to handle a Probate or Intestacy case, and want a keen fixed price, and want good customer service, and want to be kept in the loop of whats going on, please contact us here.

We would be delighted to help you.


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