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  • ?A child loses a parent every 22 minutes in the UK
  • A staggering 79% of parents with children at home do not have Wills in place

The statistics* are quite shocking so I hope this short article motivates all parents who read it, married or not, to contact us without delay to put a Will in place appointing legal guardians for their children under 18. It is simple to do. Personal advice on this is important. Wherever you live in England & Wales, we can do it for you without you having to leave your own home, either by using Skype or if you are close enough I will come and visit you outside of normal working hours.

Ask yourself this question. Who would look after your children if you didn’t make it home tonight?

I don’t just mean for that particular evening, I mean for the rest of their childhood.

Most parents think the grandparents would step up to the plate and the majority would want to, however this will only happen if the natural parents have appointed them. The children immediately become the responsibility of Social Services acting under the authority of the courts, and that means foster care until the grandparents have fought for them through the courts. Not ideal is it?

Not all parents will have parental responsibility, mothers nearly always have it, most fathers married to the mother usually have it and other fathers may or may not have it, there are some tricky rules to understand. Parents without parental responsibility cannot appoint guardians.

So the message is clear, you owe it to your children’s security and safety to put Wills in place, so either call us now on 0116-278-4862 or fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.

*??Source -?Winston’s Wish (

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