Are you paying the correct Care Home fees?

67% of complaints to the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman about charging for care have been upheld in the last year, so what does that tell you?

Unfortunately, the postcode lottery syndrome applies and it will depend on where you live and who you get to carry out the dreaded financial means test. Not all Local Authorities are the same, although you would expect some consistency, the result is often accepted by the family of the loved one going into care on the assumption that they must know what they are talking about.

The Care Act 2014 is a minefield, navigating through the associated rules and regulations is not for the feint-hearted and it really is worth engaging a Specialist. Fortunately for you, we know who to recommend so get in touch with us if this concerns you.

Dont worry too much about what the advice is going to cost, two points on this

  • first, your loved one is likely to be receiving State Benefits so just think of it as the State paying for the advice, and
  • secondly the outcome could very well save you a lot of money, let alone the stress and anxiety if you tried to handle it yourself.

What is essential is that your loved one has both Lasting Power of Attorney, of course we can help you set these up without it costing you a fortune.

  1. Without, you as an ordinary family member will have no authority to challenge an assessment.
  2. With LPAs, as an Attorney you will.

This article isnt the place to go into details; there really is too much to say, we can help so please contact us here, or telephone when it suits you.

Some alarming facts to bear in mind:

  • Property gifted to children can still be taken into account
  • Adding children to the property deeds will make no difference
  • If a Will Trust is not set up after the first death, it wont work
  • Children added to bank accounts will make no difference
  • Property sold and the money gifted to children will not work
  • Assets gifted over 7 years ago makes no difference in a means test
  • Using an Annual Gifting Allowance may not work either
  • Selling assets under value to a relative will pass the burden on to whoever received it

So, are you paying the correct Care Home fees?

Please contact us for advice and help.


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