Power of Attorney – registration fee refund

Claim your Power of Attorney registration refund back now

You may (or may not) be aware that the Office of the Public Guardian have over the years kept reducing the registration fee, because they’re not supposed to make a profit from the process. They have finally settled on 82 being the full fee, representing the true cost. So if you paid more than this you can claim a refund and here’s how to do it:

The scheme enables people in England and Wales to claim back the excessive fees they paid the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) for lasting power of attorney (LPA) and enduring power of attorney (EPA) applications.

They will refund where fee payments were made between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017, and includes repeat applications and remissions, whether the power of attorney was registered or not.

You can read the full Ministry of Justice press release here.

All those eligible for a partial refund on their power of attorney fees can apply from today 01/02/2018. 

Further details on the scheme are available HERE and include:

  • Who can claim a refund
  • How much the refund will be (typically 45-54)
  • How to claim

This is by way of an online application and will take about 10 minutes. Claims can only be submitted by the person who made the power of attorney or an appointed attorney.

However, you must claim by phone instead (Telephone: 0300 456 0300 – choose option 6) if:

  • the donor doesn’t have a UK bank account
  • the donor has died
  • you are a court-appointed deputy

You can contact the Refunds Helpline:

Email: poarefunds@justice.gsi.gov.uk

Telephone: 0300 456 0300 (choose option 6)


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