Probate fees good and bad news in the pipeline

Probate fees good and bad news in the pipeline

You may recall last year (Feb17) pre the general election; the Government parked the planned increase in Probate Fees. With hindsight it was a good decision at the time because the Conservatives were re-elected.

The plan then was to introduce a tiered fee system in place of paying a relatively small fixed fee. There was a public outcry because of the magnitude of the proposed numbers, in fact it was being thought of as more of a new death tax than a court fee.

Anyway the good news is, they listened to us and have changed the fee basis for the better, but it will, nevertheless, mean a sizeable increase where estates are required to pay a fee.

You can read the official statement here:

What should you think about doing on a practical level?

Consider the value of your estate, can you pass down wealth you dont need? t is worthwhile opportunity to think about. Not all estates will require a grant of probate, and believe it or not, the choice of who you bank with can have a bearing on this too. So a couple of things to think about there.

What we are discussing here, is generational inheritance planning, taking into account the exemptions, allowances and limits that currently exist.

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