Had problems with your Enduring/Lasting Power of Attorney? (EPA or LPA)

In the same way that you can set up your own Will, you can also set up and register your own EPA or LPA. What you need to consider is why the vast majority use a professional ? there are a number of key reasons.

First, understanding who can and cannot be in the document, and what role they take on – typically there are attorneys, replacement attorneys, notified persons and certificate providers. How are they going to act and what consequences follow on from the choices you make? You can include (or ignore) various options, so do you really understand the choices you are presented with? We will take you through this process and explain your options.

The document needs to be signed/witnessed in the right order ? get it wrong and when it eventually goes to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) for registration, they will throw it out! Then you will have wished you had not gone for a DIY version to save a bit of time/money.

Have you filled in the right registration forms? What about remission or exemption from paying the full registration fee? The OPG work to a script, a defined procedure and if your paperwork doesn?t fit you may as well not have bothered. We prepare and submit a lot of LPA?s and it is a fact that the more you do, the success rate improves.

Even if you manage to submit a perfect application to the OPG, there is a chance it will get queried somewhere along the lines. It happens – we have had two this week: the first one they had not looked through what they were sent (they had written back asking for more evidence of income when they already had it). The other issue was quite a battle and we got different answers from difference advisers, finally they agreed with us that they had not fully informed/updated all of their staff and that we were right in the evidence we had submitted.

The OPG can be extremely hard work, so we recommend you contact us, we do not charge outrageous fees and in fact you will probably find us very helpful and good value!

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