Have you promised something to anyone, and don’t intend delivering on that promise in your Will?

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Failing to deliver on your promises could lead to a contested Will.

The law in respect of this point is called ‘Proprietary Estoppel’ and is a question we always ask our clients because it is good practice to do so; as indeed are the many other questions and advice that form an important part of the will-writing and inheritance planning process.

Advice and recommendations form an important part of the will writing process

You can (of course) write your own Will and you may end up doing a good job with it. Don’t forget that one day your Will will deal with everything you own one day, so in our opinion it is worth paying a little extra to get that all important advice from a specialist. The vast majority of clients tell me they are surprised about all the questions we ask. You only have to read a newspaper story like the one in the link below to understand why. Our intention is to get it right first time and encourage our clients to think carefully about their Will instructions and the consequences of their choices. We care. We keep up to date with developments and post information online to keep our clients informed because it is essential.

High court awards 1m in damages for dispute over farm inheritance case

A will-writing meeting typically takes around two hours to complete and you will come out of the process feeling better informed and comfortable that you have done the right thing.

Whether it is to do with Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Family Protection Trusts, Inheritance Tax, Care home fees, Probate or anything else we haven’t mentioned here, why not ask us?

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