Adding a Protective Property Trust in your Will is going to help protect it for your familys future benefit

Adding a Trust in your Will is a great idea! 

Why not put a Trust in your Will?

Passing on what youve worked hard for to your family is a basic right and instinct. These days a basic Will isn’t necessarily going to be a robust enough solution. Did you know that a standard Will keep things nice and simple but fails to provide any protection.

A Protective Property Trust in your Will is suitable for co-owners of a property (married or not) owned as tenants in common.

When one passes away, that share of the house is left in Trust for the benefit of their loved ones. The Trust allows the survivor to live in the house rent-free for the rest of their life, and even sell or move house if they want to. If the survivor then required care later in life, the Trust protects the half a house in Trust from those care
fees. If the survivor was to remarry, the Trust protects the half a house from passing to the new husband or wife.

There are other types of Trust that may be suitable for you, and we can advise you which type best suits your circumstances.

We can come to you and explain how Trusts can work in your favour. Trusts are not just for the rich, they are there for us all to use. Ask us for a FREE visit in the comfort and privacy of your own home, contact us here.


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