Reasons to store your Will with us


Passing on your estate is likely to be the biggest transaction you?ll ever do, so safe custody of your Will is therefore a top priority. Imagine…

  • after death the Will cannot be found, or if it is, it is either been damaged or may even have been altered by its owner, this will render it useless and consign it to the bin
  • the first person to find your Will is usually a beneficiary who may not pass it on to Probate because they disagree with its contents!
  • a local solicitor may even hold an old copy of an earlier Will, and this may be submitted to Probate if they are blissfully unaware that a more recent Will exists
  • many years may pass between the making of a Will and the testator?s death, increasing the likelihood of the original being lost or destroyed
  • Don?t risk it being damaged/destroyed by fire or flood by keeping it at home
  • If your Will is held in a bank safety deposit box ? you have access but you have just passed away. It cannot be released to the executor because only the Will itself names the executor…

?We store our client?s Wills in a sprinkler protected private bank vault (it used to be the old HSBC in Shepshed). Documents are kept in water-proof tear-proof envelopes at TaxAssist Accountants 10 Field Street Shepshed Loughborough Leicestershire LE12 9AL, tel. no. 01509-269006

As members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters, we have to register where our client?s Wills are kept, it is a mandatory condition of our Code of Practice.

If something should happen to me/my business, my business will be offered for sale to other IPW members & most likely be sold to one of the other companies who use the same software as I do, this will make the integration simple.

You will then become a client of the acquiring company who will be required under the IPW Code of Practice to inform you of this step and you will then become a client of theirs.

Only certain people with the right proof of identity will have access to your records. We are even fully insured to cover reconstruction of your Wills and other documents in the event the whole building is destroyed.

We offer this service for ?35 pa and in addition you get document updates free of legal charges whenever you need to make a change; we may ask you to pay a small administration, handling and postage charge, currently ?9.50 if you instruct us to act quickly.

Your documents are safe with us.

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