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We will be supporting this worthy cause again this year, which is 7-13th September and we are (you might say) quite excited about it, whys that I hear you say

There are (of course) many other professionals, solicitors and IFAs taking part but not that many local Will Writing firms. So if you havent yet got a Will in place, why not choose us to help you do this all important task. So why use us?

We will arrange a face to face appointment with you at home or if you would prefer your place of work, and at a time to suit you so convenience is a key factor. We charge realistic fixed fees for what we do which is typically a lot less than most High Street solicitors, and theres no Vat to pay with us because we trade under the Vat registration threshold. You will receive practical advice explained to you in plain English (legal jargon explained in straight forward terms) for your Inheritance Planning, leaving you with that feel good factor that you will have covered all bases.

Many families these days have communication and relationship issues and without a Will in place, the wrong things could well happen, if this applies to you or anyone you know, there are ways of circumventing the situation where the Court can overturn what is in your Will such as the case with Melitta Jackson.

All you have to do is either write a cheque out to the charity of your choice on the day, or include a charitable legacy in your Will.

From our perspective, undertaking this work for free is our donation. We would like to think that in return you would recommend our service out to friends and family whenever the opportunity arises.

It isn’t a free will writing service, there has to be something in it for charity, heres the link to Remember a Charity if you would like to know more about their campaign.

If you would like us to help, please fill in our contact us form and we will be in touch.


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