So, what are you supposed to do with your LPAs?

So, what are you supposed to do with your LPAs?

You’ve got your LPAs set up, they’re registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, so now what?

The vast majority of professionals will see their job as ‘done’ at this point. In other words, you’re on your own! Looking through the guidance the OPG provides is a good start. There are of course a number of sensible and practical steps you should take immediately.

Certified copies of your LPAs

The OPG does tell you how you can do this. In my view, it is very worthwhile having a certified copy of your Property & Financial Affairs LPA; your Attorneys will always benefit by being able to post the copy, not the original, to whomever needs to see it. If you lose the copy, it is not the end of the World but it could be if you lose the original! We always help our client’s with this for free.

You don’t really need a certified copy of the Health & Welfare LPA, it would be a rarity to have to post it somewhere. Your Attorneys will benefit more by having it with them when attending meetings on your behalf, such as with your GP, at the hospital, with Social Services, and so on. I would make sure your GP’s practice makes a note on your medical record that you have this in place. It’s a no brainer…

What is clear, is to make sure your Attorneys know where you are going to keep your LPAs, so tell them! Let’ hope they’ll never need them.

There’s now an online service for Attorneys

This is only If your LPAs are registered on or after 17th July 2020. Your Attorneys can create an online account with the OPG, add your LPAs to it by quoting the LPA reference number and using an activation key. Attorneys can then allow people or organisations access. Here’s a link to the new service:

As ever, if you would like any help with your Wills, Inheritance planning or LPAs, you know where we are. Contact Us here. No pressure, just good old fashioned practical help.

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