So what if you haven’t got a Will?

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We all insure our house and contents, cars and ourselves and happily pay every year for the privilege, so why is it so difficult to set up a Will to safeguard the family?

Do you know what you need in a Will?  Where should you go to get one? How much should you pay for the advice? Does it really matter if you havent got one?

Dying without a Will means the Intestacy rules dictate what happens and in England & Wales, if you simply cohabit with your partner, they will get nothing if you die. If you have children, they will inherit from you at 18 and your partner will still get nothing, so what happens until they reach 18? If they are over 18 you could find yourself co-owning the house with them, so what happens if you dont get on?

On the other hand if you are married/in a civil partnership without children, the survivor will get it all. If there are children, they will share in the inheritance with you at 18 according to a set legal formula. This can lead to significant practical & legal problems at what will probably be a very bad time for you to cope.

If you die leaving children under 18, Social Services will take charge of them because it is unlikely you will have appointed Guardians, unless you have made a Will.

Be careful you dont pay over the odds but do make sure you get good advice; you wont necessarily appreciate why until you have experienced the whole willwriting process when you will be very glad you did!

We can help, it is what we do take a look at our client testimonials (and on Google) and then why not contact us

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