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Okay this is a short/sharp message to get?you thinking…

Some questions for you:

Q1. Do you know what your family will get if you die without having made a Will?

Q2. Unmarried? Will your partner inherit anything at all if you die first?

Q3. If you have children, who would take care of them if both parents died in a car crash?

Q4. If you run a business? How should you protect it, its employees & your family’s?income?

Now some Answers, please choose a. Or b. below:

a. Without a Will the 1925 Intestacy Rules will decide who gets your estate, do you want this to happen?

b. With a Will you choose, so ?in your eyes? the right people get the right money at the right time, so what will you do?

Unless you have a Trust, your estate could easily be eroded at an alarming rate and reduce the amount your family/beneficiaries will receive, do you know how & why this could happen?

Is your Will a tax efficient one? There is little point in arranging your affairs as tax efficiently as possible during your lifetime, only for the Taxman to take a huge slice on death.

Sorry for coming across a bit blunt, but?this IS how the Law, HMRC and your Local Authority?will see it.

If you have a Will, beware if it has a ?charging clause? in it, (go and check it now) as it could cost you (your family really) far more than you think. It is often cheaper/better to write a new Will if this is the case, so plan now and protect your loved ones.

Contact us for help with this, and remember,?we always offer a FREE consultation without obligation, so what have you got to lose? We are happy to help.

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