Training for ‘The Bamboozle Theatre Company’s’ 70Seventy Pyrenees Cycling challenge

The Bamboozle Theatre Company is our charity of the year 2018/19, and even though they are a local charity to me, their work message is spreading across the country and globe, even reaching as far afield as Hong Kong… so theres a strong message being taken far and wide. Creating magical multi sensory experiences to engage and include severely disabled and autistic children is what they do. My message to you then is to think about families like this in your own area, they need our help and guidance as specialists in our field.

Planning to cycle the Pyrenees is no different to helping a client plan their inheritance, it needs careful thought, doing it in advance at the right time and allowing plenty of time to think things through to achieve the right result.

The headlines then on me (if youre interested), the plan is to keep on pedaling, sounds pretty basic but theres no substitute for time on the bike. Achieving 100+ miles a week is my general target and with a regular Wednesday morning ride with the Ratae Road Club and Sunday morning with mates, both times riding out for a mandatory coffee and cake stop, the distance comes quite easily. What this doesnt help with is coping with long rides back to back and this is where Saturdays will eventually come in to begin with, then throw in the odd Friday ride and it will start to come, I wouldnt say easily but when youve done it a few times, you are pretty much there. It is amazing how resilient the body and legs are (I hope), the muscle memory takes over and removes that doubt that yes you can do it!

 Building the leg muscles is one thing, general fitness is another. You need a strong core, back, arms and hands. You can imagine being in one position on the bike for say 6 hours doing a 100 miles, the body takes quite a hammering. If youre ‘on the drops’ going down hill, on the brakes a lot keeping it under 35mph, your arms and hands take a lot of punishment. How do you train for this? Weights. Sounds boring but it is necessary in my humble opinion. All sportsmen and women regularly train with weights and you have to build yourself up over a period. Being motivated is essential, if you play at it or simply cant be bothered thinking that itll be alright, you wont be fit enough to actually enjoy the experience over the Pyrenees and thats what it is all about. Believe me when I tell you that conquering this challenge will be another life changing experience. It is fantastic. The first time was with another local charity when 70 of us cycled over 6 Alpine passes in 4 days from Geneva to Milan. It sounds break taking. In reality it’s bloody fantastic. 

 If youre a keen cyclist you will record your activities on Strava, its the law. If it isnt on Strava it never happened so of course you need a GPS unit to record your rides on, and it helps to track your mileage, times etc. to stay on course. It can get quite competitive comparing timed segments with your mates. The point is Strava will help you achieve your plan, just like getting the right advice from a specialist Will-writer and Inheritance planner.

 We were in Wales the other week, and yes it was an opportunity to put in a few miles when it didn’t rain, and boyo did it come down when it starts! Anyway, the photos below was on the good day of the week, timing is everything! Ill report again soon on my activities and share some Strava stats with you. The more you share, the harder it will be for me to even think of backing out, if you know what I mean

Sincere thanks go out to every member supporting me within the IPW, also to our partners including Kings Court Trust, Golden Charter, Taylor Rose TTKW, Solve Legal, Todays Wills & Probate and not forgetting my fellow IPW Council Members too.

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