What a Trust can do for you…

You can set up a Trust either whilst you are alive or as at the date of death by including the finer details in your Will.

Why would you consider doing this? Because a Trust will solve a multitude of problems, some you will recognise, others may need pointing out to you, the point is that it is worth finding out from an expert. After all the wealthy do it, so why shouldnt you?

A trust can be used to:

  • preserve family wealth for future generations, i.e. succession planning


  • preserve maximum flexibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances; what if one of your children is mid divorce when you pass away? He or she will lose half their intended Inheritance from you. Addictive habits like gambling or Alcoholism could mean the legacy to a beneficiary is wasted in your eyes


  • enable property and money to be held for persons who should not hold it themselves because they are vulnerable or not settled in life, e.g. minors and adults with special needs or on State benefits;


  • circumvent forced heirship laws governing the disposal of your foreign property


  • shelter assets from claims against beneficiaries, e.g. Bankruptcy will see an Inheritance taken by Creditors.


  • preserve capital wealth for the benefit of children from an earlier marriage


  • enable someone to make provision for others privately and/or secretly


  • for Inheritance Tax planning purposes, both yours and your childrens


  • for wealth and financial planning, to prevent a life assurance pay out falling in your estate and paying Inheritance Tax on it


  • hold the matrimonial home in trust after a divorce for use by the ex-wife and child until, say the child attains the age of 18, at which point it is sold

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