Westcotes Bowls Club on Sunday 12th June 2011

This was our second event of the Summer which has been a reasonable successful, as all of the sonsorship events are that we are involved with seem to be. Having said that of course, those playing in the event did come in rather wet and cold but after a superb Sunday lunch, we were allowed far more time than normal to present our business’s to the room because the afternoon’s play was cancelled; yes it carried on raining, and quite fitting that whilst typing this blog, I see that the Canadian Grand Prix is also a washout! Joint venture sponsorship to the right demographic do work for all concerned, the club, the players in terms of attractive prize money and for us being able to market our businesses to a room full of really nice people. Whether you’re interested in us getting involved in sponsorship or if we can help with your Wills (and other planning issues) please contact us now.

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