Will any of your money be added to Unclaimed Asset Registers?

Will any of your money be added to Unclaimed Asset Registers?

You probably had no idea how much money is currently classed as ‘unclaimed’ by estates…

Some hard, cold facts

  • Banks hold over £1.3bn in undeclared dormant assets that are under 15 years old
  • Asset Managers continue to look after £2.8bn of funds
  • There is £640m in Share Registers
  • £200bn in Insurance and Pension Funds
  • £3.2bn held with NS&I

These figures above come from reliable sources

If (as an asset owner) you don’t keep track of what you have accumulated through life, there’s not much chance your family will know anything about it either.

Will Planning Solutions always offers its clients a FREE way of recording what they know about at the time of writing a new Will or updating the old one. You simply keep this important document with the copy of your Will. Keep it up to date and in the event of death, your Executors will know they pretty-much have a list of what there is to deal with.


Most of us will choose to appoint a family member as Executor in our Will, whilst there’s nothing generally wrong with this, it is rare that a family member will be experienced in probate matters or know how to even check for missing estate money. Professional estate administrators, well the good ones anyway, will have access to places to check.

I will leave this thought with you. Probate (or estate administration) is a complex job even for simple estates where there is a lack of practical experience in dealing with these matters. Paying the right price for a job well done, a thorough job that is, in my view is worth it’s weight.

If you need help dealing with a deceased’s affairs, why not give us a ring, we might just be able to help.

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