Why should you write a Will then?


You have to do it whilst you’re alive, it cannot be done once?you?re dead, sorry about the synicism but people generally put off getting a Will because they’re ‘not going to die just yet’ – how do they know that?

75% of people have no Will, their estate will pass on according to the law of intestacy rather than how they’d have chosen?or?wished for. It is akin to leaving a bit of a mess for your family/friends to sort out, you wouldn?t like it would you? You would probably prefer to leave a set of clear instructions to follow, this is what a Will is, but it has to be done properly.

Without a Will, your unmarried partner will get nothing, your spouse isn?t entitled to all of your estate (this is subject to monetary limits) and it is possible that your home may have to be sold to satisfy the law of intestacy ? it is based on the 1925 Administration of Estates Act! Not very recent is it?

Now you’ve read this, you don?t really have an excuse in my view,?so be smart and get it done today, please contact us, we’d be delighted to help you.

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