So you think you’ll inherit your parent’s estate?

Results of the research commissioned by NFU Mutual has found that in five years, over a million families have been “forced” into paying their own care costs either through a forced sale of the family home or by the local authority placing a charge on it; neither way is good news for the next line of beneficiaries and unfortunately it could leave them well short of their expectations.

Previous estimates by the Government have been much lower, in the region of 40,000 to 70,000 people a year losing the value of the family home and savings. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt whilst alarmed at this news, said that Government plans to cap care costs will make a difference. In our opinion the research shows how far ministers are away from achieving their objective of sharing care costs more evenly between families and the state.

It is worth 5 minutes of your time to read a short summary, please click here for more.

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