Getting your family priorities in order

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Getting your family priorities in order

Family life as we all know is a juggling exercise. Most of us teeter on the edge of keeping too many balls in the air, so it’s no wonder, that not everything gets sorted out at the right time, but you always manage to get there eventually – is this you??

Most couples with children, married or not, initially go for a relatively straightforward Mirror Will to begin with and look to upgrade from there as time/money permits, or maybe future family changes occur.

In Mirror Wills you appoint Executors to manage the deceased’s share of the family’s assets (this can include each other of course) and they can then become your Trustees if (unfortunately) you’ve both gone, they would look after the money/estate for the children, you would need to choose an age contingency (18, 21 or 25 say) for them to inherit.

The trustees would hold the purse strings and need to get on well with whomever you’ve chosen as Guardians to raise the children. They can be one of the same. Mirror Wills generally leave everything to each other, else the children in equal shares. That’s probably what you need.

We also offer a safe/secure document storage facility for your Wills and offer free updates as and when needed.

You can include trust clauses in Wills that can protect the deceased’s share of the house (for the children) should the survivor re-marry. We wouldn’t want their inheritance going to a new spouse, now would we? There’s no disadvantage to the surviving spouse/partner either, this option protects that half the house for the children come what may, if that makes sense?

Costs I hear you say?

I only charge fixed fees, so everyone pays the same and I don’t charge Vat. You get a personal and bespoke service second to none. What I hate is the thought of anyone paying too much for a service, but paying the right price is fine when you feel that you’ve been treated with care and attention to detail. That’s us.

How does it work?

We would have an online meeting to suit you both, I would provide advice/take your instructions, send you a Draft to review Online through our secure Portal, when approved we would move on to arrange the signing/witnessing meeting – at a social distance!!

I want this to be helpful, let me know what you think and if you have any questions. It is just another one of those jobs you need to tick-off.

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